Keeping a ‘Watchdog’ eye on things!

It’s not often – metaphorically speaking – that my jaw hits the table but a coffee-fuelled chat with a man who runs a detailed and impressive website for an organisation well-known for keeping an eye on building development in Bath, found  me wide-mouthed with wonder.

Jim Warren Website Author Bath Heritage Watchdog
Jim Warren
Website Author
Bath Heritage Watchdog

Jim Warren is the man. He is website author for the Bath Heritage Watchdog group which was born out of a meeting of like-minded individuals back in 2006. Since then this band of unpaid volunteers have made a real impact amongst the planners and private developers who often consult them on their proposals.

Bath Heritage Watchdog state their prime reason for being as fighting ‘to preserve notable buildings and structures and oppose inappropriate developments that might put them, or Bath’s World Heritage status, at risk.’

Their website is detailed and highly informative. Jim was regaling me with tales of tunnels under the city, of the remains of the old ferryboatman’s cottage close to the old mediaeval passage called Slippery Lane. The main access to the River Avon ferryboat that preceded the Pulteney Bridge. We talked of flood level markers near Bath Spa station and even the vibrations that set off an unexploded bomb in the Circus back in 1942 – killing a fire fighter.

I am hoping the Virtual Museum and Bath Heritage Group will be able to compliment each other from time to time. Suggest you take a look at their website on