The Colmer’s connection linking Bath with Australia!

The Virtual Museum recently ran a feature on the history of the Colmers Department Store that was in business in Bath‘s Union Street for over one hundred years.

Colmers of Union Street in 1970.
Colmers of Union Street in 1970.

We took a look at a special brochure that had been published in 1970  to mark the centenary. The store bore the Colmers name until 1973 when it was taken over by Owen and Owen. Both stores are now no more but the building is still in the retail business.

Our coverage has come to the notice of Jennifer Reitze who has made contact with the Virtual Museum from her home in Western Australia.

“I am  so glad to see Colmers is still remembered’ she says.’I am James Colmer’s eldest daughter – my sister lives in England in Wiltshire. I will be visiting the  UK in June and will probably take a nostalgic walk down Union Street.’

Thanks for that Jenny and l hope you enjoy your visit!