One rule for All

One rule for All

I witnessed this deep trench being dug today (Wednesday, September 5th) in Bath’s High Street between the Guildhall and Abbey. It is part of the work being done by BANES to improve and extend the pedestrianised part of this busy road.

It is also an archaeologically sensitive area with the foundations of the original Guildhall, which was supported on pillars at this point, somewhere under the road.

Why, when commercial developers are required to do archaeological digs on sensitive sites before sinking their foundations, do not the same rules apply to the local authority. At the very least someone should be watching and sifting through the pile of rubble extracted from the trenches. Was it tram rails l saw when l looked down?

The footprint of the old Guildhall should be marked on the road surface anyway. It is a piece of history that could be visually marked to add interest to what is now a dull and traffic congested street.