Beau Street Hoard: A new Roman treasure for Bath?

I am currently following the British Museum blog which is carrying frequent reports on its lengthy operation to separate and clean the hundreds of Roman coins discovered during archaeological work on a Bath building site.

A hoard of coins was found in Beau Street in a corner of an excavated Roman building. This is a site very close to two of the city’s three hot springs and where a 19th century hospital building is being converted into a five star hotel.

It looks as though the coins had been deliberately hidden. They seemed to have been buried in a stone-lined box. The hoard was pretty fused together and is being carefully taken apart at the British Museum. The coins seem to have been contained in half a dozen leather pouches. So far the latest coin discovered dates to 274AD.

Stephen Clews, who is the Manager of the Roman Baths and Pump Room in the city, has posted on the British Museum blog. He says it is hoped the hoard can be acquired and put on prominent display in a gallery devoted to the story of Aquae Sulis – the Roman name for Bath. The Roman Baths Museum is working to raise the money for the acquisition.

This is a story worth following on the British Museum blog!