The Bath that never was

Bath’s Georgian terraces and crescents are rightly world-famous but what if the last 300 years of our city’s history had also seen a lot of other architectural proposed schemes realised.

How different an urban stroll we would enjoy if the likes of plans for a Crystal Palace, a glass-covered concert hall, a Nelson-type column and a colossal Royal Forum had been carried through to fruition.

I took a train over to Bradford on Avon for a chat with architectural historian Tim Mowl who – with co-author Julian Orbach – has just published “Unbuilt Bath – The city as it might have been.”

A book full of development plans for Bath that never got off the ground. It’s a great read but how did it come to be written?

Tim will be talking about the book in a lecture at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution in Queen Square on Tuesday, December 19th from 7.30.

The book will be available there to buy and is priced at £20.

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