We’re back!

After nearly three years of closure, Bath Medical Museum, the city’s smallest museum with some of its the oldest exhibits, re-opened with a mini ‘festival’ over the October 2023 school half term.

It organised a shop window trail, walks to the Grand Pump Room and in its new HQ at 1 Hetling Court it displayed an exhibition of ‘Wellbeing’ featuring the History of the Spa Waters as well as examples of ‘Wellbeing Activities’ from around the world.

In addition making use of its website presence it inaugurated its latest ‘virtual’ creation of The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases as it was when it first opened in 1742 with Dr Oliver presiding as its first doctor.

All this despite the fact that roadworks almost cut it off.  

Fortunately it is now getting back to normal with the security barriers finally installed.

666 visitors enjoyed the exhibition. 

All those who completed evaluation questionnaires have 100% thumbs up to the museum  and 95% gave the exhibition either 10 out of 10 for even better VERY good!

They were intrigued with the Wellbeing exhibits which included items made by visitors, such as an origami box and a  two thousand year old relaxation activity which is an UNESCO Intangible, Cultural, Heritage of Humanity Jian Zhi  paper cutting.

The museum is staffed entirely by team of volunteers. Cheryl spoke on behalf of them all:-

”We were really pleased with how the exhibition went and the way in which visitors were so interested and grateful for all the information and intriguing exhibits.”

The museum plans to continue with regular school holiday exhibits and activities but it does have a big headache.

It is looking for storage space, not just for its existing exhibits, but it has been offered the entire collection of a 19th – 20th century Bath Pharmacy which recently closed down, which includes very many old storage jars, utensils and other intriguing objects. 

If anyone has any suggestions please contact the BMM.