Hoop la

Us bike people fought long and hard to get bike hoops re-installed outside the Guildhall in Bath.

There was quite a lot of effort too in coming up with secure bolts for them that couldn’t easily be tampered with to help thieves steal the bicycles.

Today they all bear notices informing us that the hoops will be removed on Friday, November 10th for four days.

It’s done every year to facilitate the salute dais to be erected outside the Guildhall for the Remembrance Day Parade.

While in no way would l want to interfere with arrangements to mark this sombre and heartfelt event, l cannot help wondering why the dais couldn’t be positioned in Orange Grove so this annual removal and re-erection ritual would not be necessary.

Having finally got the hoops installed, l can imagine how bolts are going to go missing during this process. There has to be an easier way.

While we are on the subject of hoops – there are plenty of cars parked at the Holburne Museum end of Great Pulteney Street, so why can’t we have some cycle hoops?

It’s not fair on the Pulteney Street Surgery that patients who cycle have to fight for a railings spot to attach their bikes and lock them!

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  1. I have asked the council to put some cycle hoops near Pulteney Street Surgery for that very reason but have not had a response.

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