Forces of Nature

Sandra Higgins Art Projects has curated a group exhibition featuring the work of 12 distinguished contemporary female artists.

Sandra, who is an internationally recognised Independent Art Advisor and Curator, says she admires each of these women, these forces of nature, for their consummate skill and contribution to contemporary art.

She has invited each of them to respond to nature’s elements for this exciting multidisciplinary exhibition.

The traditional elements are Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. Susan McDonald, whose paintings reflect on cycles of growth and decay, using natural detritus for her mark-making will represent Earth; Kaori Homma, who uses the ancient art of Aburidashi (fire-etching) in her sensitive and often scorched-edged work will represent Fire; Louisa Burnett-Halls’,  intricate paintings capture the coruscating essence of Water; Mary Romer, who paints cloud forms with brooding intensity and will present her work on hanging banners of unstretched canvas representing Wind.

“Wind, one of the twelve elements, has inspired poets and artists over centuries. Wind acts as a messenger, the transitory and elusive nature of wind carries stories in the cloud formations that move across our skies.” 

Alongside the classic four elements, eight further artists will be responding to elements that shape both our existential state and our visual and emotional relationship with the world; Ice, Force, Time, Flora, Shadow, Light, Moon and Thunder.

On the theme of Ice, Catalina Christensen will exhibit paintings inspired by her travels through the stunning and dramatic landscapes of Iceland. Day Bowman’s powerful and gestural abstract paintings will harness notions of Force and reflect on the historical use of force to divide and take ownership of Land. Time will be represented by Fiona McIntyre through a series of work exploring ideas of time, existence and regeneration through our relationship with trees.

Flora will be represented by Belinda Crozier, whose fine paintings of landscapes capture the verdant beauty of nature. Shadow will be represented by Ruth Piper, whose brooding and atmospheric paintings capture liminal, dream-like spaces. Marguerite Horner will depict Light through her unique skill of capturing luminosity in her monochromatic works.

The Moon will be portrayed by Lynn Baxter through her majestic steel sculptures and textured ceramics.Thunder will be represented by Maxine Foster, whose complex multi-layered, monotype prints respond to natural and man-made threats to our environment.

“Thunder as a metaphor; a warning that actions now will have massive consequences in the future, the devastation won’t be seen until it’s far too late.” 

– Maxine Foster

The exhibition will be held at Lansdown Stores, a charming gallery space, just a stone’s throw from Bath’s city centre and will feature workshops and talks alongside the exhibition.

On 10th Nov, 5.00-6.00 pm, Catalina Christensen, who will representing Ice will be delivering an artist’s talk. This talk will be Free and open to the public. 

Catalina will talk about her inspirations and importance of materiality in her practise

As well experimentation and alchemy in the creation of her works and the development 

of her pigments. Followed by a Q&A.

On 26th Nov, 2.00-3:30 pm, Kaori Homma, who will be representing Fire, will be delivering an artist’s talk and workshop of fire-etching. 

In this workshop Kaori reveals the secret of invisible Ink, the Aburidashi – Fire Etching method, which was used down through the centuries primarily as a method of espionage rather than an artistic technique. Participants are introduced to the hands-on experience of fire etching to create works through the process. The workshop is aimed at adults but children over 12 are also welcome if they are accompanied by responsible adults.

Cost: £15 (Student concession £10) 

Further talks and events are to be announced.

SANDRA HIGGINS is an internationally recognised Independent Art Advisor and Curator advising private, corporate and institutional collectors. She is a former art tutor, and gallery owner of Sandra Higgins Fine Art, Mayfair, and is now based in Bath. She is the Past Vice-Chairman of the Chelsea Arts Club and a Trustee of the James McNeill Whistler Society.

Curator: Sandra Higgins

Artist: Group Show

Exhibition Title: Elemental:Forces of Nature

Exhibition Dates: 8th-26th November 2023