Pic of the day. Monday, October 30th.

Dr Lyn Barham, who is Treasurer / Membership Secretary of Bath Organic Group, writes:

“I’ll leave you to contemplate headlines for this – a bath in Bath?

Bath Organic Group’s winning entry to the Avon Wildlife Trust wildlife gardening competition featured their pond – along with the fruit and vegetable plots.

Ponds are important for biodiversity, and need to be maintained at the time of year which gives least disturbance to their inhabitants.

A BOG volunteer donned the full-length waders and headed into the water to clear the dense growth and improve the conditions for plants and wildlife. Late October is the perfect time, well after the breeding season, but before creatures have settled into their winter quarters.

Or … of course … any version of the story that you choose to make up! There’s also a tale about this wildlife haven being right in the city centre, and about the baby pond creatures being only a short distance from the children’s playground on the Upper Bristol Road. I wonder if they play on the swings at night??

There’s nothing more noble than nurturing Nature, if you ask me. Thanks Lyn.