Lights out

Here’s an environmental issue we have hit on before, and the problem of light pollution is raised again now in an email from Jane Strickland.

She writes:

“I have been following your local newscasts for several years, on the recommendation of a friend, and have never been disappointed – you do a wonderful job.

I am writing to you now you are home from Mexico, with a subject which really does need to be flagged up.  I have been in touch with Wera Hobhouse, Metro Mayor, Dan Norris and the Council on the subject, none of whom seem willing to either reply to me, or to take the matter seriously.  After all it would be another way Bath could do more for the environment.

Recently I had to go from where I live in Combe Down to the RUH at 4.30 am (not an emergency!) and my journey was through Bear Flat, which was ablaze with shop lighting even at that hour.  

Three estate agents and the charity shop all wasting electricity, and contributing to the light pollution which we should be avoiding;  it upsets the balance of nature, and must be a big problem for people who have to live nearby.

 And this is only Bear Flat – think of all the other business communities over not only our city, but all cities and towns, who do not seem to consider a) the unnecessary usage of electricity or the cost, and b) the damage it does to insect and mammals who are bearing the brunt of wastage like this.

 It would be so simple to have these lights on a timer – who needs to look in estate agents’ windows after say 1am?

Just wondered whether you could gather any more information from other communities, as I am unable to do a survey myself!  Maybe you could ask around your contacts if they have noticed this astonishing situation?  

There are good websites to check up online to see the damage and waste caused by thoughtless ignorance.”

I leave it to you all to comment.


  1. It’s the same where I live and no-one seems to worry about the wasted electricity. Although at least our street lights are now going out @ 1:00 am. A problem almost as bad as the vast carbon footprint bring created by excessive air travel. We continue to fiddle about at the margins without really addressing the major issues of protecting the environment.

  2. Interesting point made by Jane Strickland re unnecessary lighting along high streets and shops.
    It may be that if shops put in motion activates lights for night time, that may mitigate the risk to them of burglary. I assume that is why the lights blaze all night in many offices and shops.

    Has any shopkeeper responded with why they light up their promises at night? Even with led lights it must cost so there is probably a reason for it.

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