Pix of the day. Sunday, October 1st

What on Earth is happening?

The month of September ended with an Extraordinary Earth Day event at Bath Abbey.

A day for residents, visitors and families to see what’s going on in Bath and region to help combat climate change and support the city in living more sustainably.

One of those curious juxtapositions: the first image is the Stop the War people (though on the list they are labelled Rethinking Security) and the green banner nearest them references a prisoners of war group.

Represented were: Cropdrop, Bathscape, BWCE, CEYA, Transition Bath, Buzz & Scuttle, Climate Hub, CafeBANES, Be Bold BANES, More trees BANES, Share & Repair, Global Citizens.

More Trees BANES – growing trees in the Abbey?

Rethinking Security, Greenpeace, Meadow in my Garden, Avon Schools Eco-network, Grow Batheaston, XR Bath, Your Park B&B, and Blooming Whiteway.

The Rev Stephen Girling, Abbey Missioner, who was the main organiser of the day from the Abbey team.

There were talks and a Climate Choir – all happening under the biggest reminder of what were are doing to this planet – Luke Jerram’s Earth globe Gaia.

Thank you Lyn Barham for the pictures, and sorry l could not be there.


  1. Sorry to hear about this the day after it was on ! 🤷‍♀️
    This happens a lot in Bath. I was advised to follow you Richard and thanks to you I’ve heard of other things but where else are bath events advertised ?

    1. An utter disgrace that the church – an Abbey no less – are becoming politicised & judgemental like this. Initiator Rev. Girling ought to think twice about the ‘impartiality’’ Of the Church and its role in society.
      Woke gone mad…

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