In search of Thomas Fuller

[Thomas and Sheena Fuller with cousin Marion Morris at what is left of the Newark Works]

Bath welcomed some special visitors from New Zealand this week. It was a shame l didn’t get to greet them but let their Bath-based relation explain one special reason they are here.

Marion Morris emailed me to say:

“Thomas Fuller, a direct descendent of Thomas Fuller, a former Mayor of Bath and his son Thomas Fuller the architect, is visiting his cousin Marion in Bath with his wife Sheena.

Marion, Thomas and Sheena pictured by the newly-restored stone crane that was built on the site.

Thomas and Sheena live in New Zealand and their trip to Bath is to see family and friends and also to do some research on a book about his family history.  

Here they are outside the newly refurbished Newark Works which was originally designed by Thomas Fuller the architect for Stothert and Pitt.  

TCN UK have made it into a creative space for entrepreneurs to work.”

Thanks Marion, and l hope Thomas and Sheena are enjoying their stay. I see they are meeting the Mayor of Bath, Cllr Dine Romero, at the Mayor’s Parlour next Tuesday!

The old Newark Works

Thomas Fuller the architect was born in Bath in 1823 and, apart from the Newark Works, designed other buildings in the area including Bradford on Avon Town Hall and a mortuary chapel at Smallcombe Cemetery in Bathwick.

After emigrating to Canada he designed the Central Block of Canada’s Parliament Buildings and stepped over the border to design San Francisco’s City Hall – destroyed in the earthquake of 1906.