A mystery?

John Ravenscroft writes from Widcombe:

“Any idea what these are for? Certainly look very bizarre. Maybe the dogs around here are just bigger than average!”


  1. They might be wasp deterrents. Not sure how they work but I’ve seen them in use at Prior Park landscape garden

  2. I wonder if they are weights on the outside of the hedge to stop it falling into the garden

  3. Maybe to prevent large trucks and van’s comming to near to the wall. And then damage the wall.

  4. I think this is protecting fruit. I looked at this ‘hedge’ on Google and I think there’s wineberries growing there – which are absolutely delicious. But if the birds get to them first, there won’t be many for the owners.

  5. I wish I could place where this is on Lyncombe Hill🤔. I’ve seen parked cars using a carrier bag to deter others getting too close on narrow roads. I can imagine the owner of the wall wouldn’t want to have expensive repair bills if a few black bags can help avoid it getting hit.

  6. Is it convolvulus hanging over? Perhaps a way to kill the weeds, some concoction in the bag gets taken back to the roots via the vines? It would be very specific to the weeds and not damage other plants?

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