Waterside weeds

An email from John Taylor sent me off to take a riverside walk – towards the new (Newark) pedestrian bridge and through a riverside area called Bath Quays Waterside.

John had written:

“Have you cycled or walked by the new bridge to Newark Works recently? Is there a plan for the fenced off area under the bridge do you know?

It makes that part of the city look terrible, with the jungle of undergrowth and temporary security fencing making the whole area unsightly.

The shared pedestrian / cycle path next to the river is extremely narrow.”

Walking through there John, l have to admit that, even the established pathways beside the river, are looking a real mess. Overgrown with nettles and thistles, and there is graffiti and plenty of rubbish strewn around.

Obviously off the main tourist track so not a top priority.

As far as your area is concerned, l am told

As far as your concerns – regarding the area around the new pedestrian and cycle bridge – l understand the Bath Quays North landscaping works have been tendered and the works awarded. 

The programme of works is provisionally due to take place during October – November this year and a towpath closure will be in effect during the works and a diversion put in place.



  1. Hi Richard – the whole area around the (expensive?) new bridge is a disgrace. With clients arriving by coach I often drive along there, heading for Royal Crescent, and the drivers will tell me – yet again! – how much better Bath was when there was a coach park there with TOILETS! How useful for visitors arriving in the city.

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