It’s been a long time coming …..

Patience and persistence – and a little financial help from a donor – collectively, this has finally resulted in Baths’s Victoria Art Gallery being able to start work on creating a education space. After all, the future of this art facility, will one day be in the hands of these ratepayers of the future.

The work is being done at the same time as B&NES funds urgent repairs to the glazing on the roof – which has resulted in the closure of the gallery beneath. The exhibition space on the ground floor remains open!

Over the years, a support group called the Friends of the Victoria Art Gallery, have helped in raising funds to purchase works of art, for research, conservation work and maintenance.

However, the Friends of the Victoria Art Gallery have now come forward with the means of funding the educational space and l was keen to meet their chairman, Dr Michael Rowe, as work continued to clear the top gallery.