A paddle in the past.

My ‘Pic of the Day’ on Monday – which followed a trip to Penarth and Cardiff Bay – brought back memories for Rob Coles who writes:

“Well, well, Penarth Head.   I also sailed from Weston to Penarth aboard Campbell’s steamers and always thought that when the tide was out in Weston it would be in at Penarth.

Many years later, when involved with the paddle steamer Waverley and the MV Balmoral, we would drive to Clevedon, take the Waverley to Penarth, then train to Cardiff to shop. 

For the return trip, coaches would arrive at Penarth Pier with groups from the valleys. It’s fair to say the Welsh love outings. 

Noticing that it was mostly ladies, I asked where their husbands were and “down the club” was the reply. 

The girls were off on a cruise to see the wondrous lights of Avonmouth.  If I was alone, when waiting for the steamer on the pier, I would be fed  sweets, sandwiches and Welsh cakes.  

Your photo brought back such memories, and you can still make the journey when the Waverley comes south!”

As Rob points out the paddle steamers l would have boarded as a boy were the Cardiff Queen and the Bristol Queen. Rob’s picture is on the Waverley at Clevedon and was taken earlier this year.