Pic of the day. Saturday, September 2nd

Our man with a cam, Rob Coles writes:

Some time ago Bath newseum featured the unusual grave headstone fossil in St James Cemetery. 

A few days ago I was parking the car at Haycombe cemetery when I saw an unusual grave with a circular carving on the top of the headstone.  It was to the east of the top chapel and a little way down. 

I investigated, it was a memorial to Les Sumsion, who was a member of a long established Monkton Combe family. 

Those of a certain age will remember buying tyres at discount prices from his depot in Wells Road just below the Bear Flat.  The circular carving, a car tyre! 

Les was a local man, running a local business serving local people.     

The memorial brought back memories of him walking across his yard to find a tyre and his distinctive voice.”