Job well done.

Good to see a gradual reveal of the colonnade on the Primark side of Bath Street.

It’s been a long and delicate process for conservators who have been removing a ‘fresh’ coat of paint applied to a Georgian feature installed by Thomas Baldwin and started in 1791.

The colonnades of 21 bays of unfluted Ionic columns, was designed to give shelter for sedan chairs carrying sick occupants from KIngs Bath to Cross Bath.

I think they have made a great job of it and cannot wait for the rest of the plastic sheeting to come off.


  1. Interesting to see the tatty no parking sign defacing a beautiful pillar, well done Bath Council.

  2. Yes that nasty bent sign has annoyed me for years. Especially as Bath is a showcase for handsome period signage, both painted and incised. Little things reveal a lot.

  3. It is indeed good to see the stone work restored to its former glory but in the haste to welcome this work it is all too easy to gloss over this debacle. Nio one has taken responsibility for causing this damage in the first place. These pillars are a community asset and surely BANES should be protecting such iconic striuctures in nthe first place and should bnever have allowed a film company to paint htem in the first place. Which council officer allowed it to happen ?

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