As a cyclist, l am pleased to see more secure parking being provided around the city but – as a Bathonian – l am sure these secure rack units come in designs more suited to our surroundings.

There’s enough ugly things in Bath as it is !?

Here’s some racks spotted by Charles Curnock who writes:

“Good morning Richard. Re your post about bike storage, I really liked these discrete but attractive racks which are next to the hotel I stayed at recently in Ypres, Belgium.

PS I was gently amused that there appeared no necessity for locks – although I saw some elsewhere in the town.”

Charles was on a trip to the WW1 battlefields with the Friends of Bath Abbey.

Ralph Oswick adds: “I Googled secure bike storage pods and they are ALL pretty ugly. A row of these could be amusing!!”



  1. The boxes are smaller than even small cars and we don’t notice the cars ‘garaged’ on our streets, in time we won’t notice the boxes either. In most cases the boxes are situated away from anyone’s direct views from their houses, so really it’s only a momentary view as you pass by and they will be of high benefit to cycling in the city.
    For most people in the city centre there is no place to store their expensive bike, even if you own a whole house getting your bike in and out of the basement is an impossibility. I am 100% in favour f them

  2. Richard, I’m not at all sure that you would find any bike hangars commercially available that you would feel are more suited to our surroundings. Personally, I find this one a lot more attractive both than the cars in your photo and many other available bike hangars, and I think that they are pretty secure

  3. A design with a more arched cross-section is in use in London. I think the council can expect a complaint from a disgruntled resident of Portland Place who said that the one there would permanently block light from his basement bedroom window. While the height is comparable to a car, the rack comes on to the pavement, nearer the building. He was completely unaware that it would be installed precisely there – was there much consultation?

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