Let’s say NO says local councillor

There are only days left to say what you feel about the planned closure of rail ticket offices which would include the one at Bath Spa station.

A reminder noted by Combe Down Councillor, Onkar Saini, who has called on local residents to urgently respond to rail operating companies’ plans before the consultation closes next week.

Speaking at the meeting of B&NES Council on 20 July, Councillor Saini highlighted the potential impacts on people who rely on being able to find and speak to a member of staff.

Councillor Saini said:“We must consider the impact on various vulnerable groups within our community. Our elderly residents, persons with disabilities, individuals with limited literacy and IT skills, and those with visual impairments heavily depend on the support and guidance of staffed offices. By closing these ticket offices, we essentially deny them their right to access transportation services, hindering their independence and participation in our society.“

Moreover, let us remember that Bath is a renowned tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the globe. The ticket offices are vital in welcoming and assisting tourists, ensuring their seamless travel experience. If we allow these ticket offices to close, we not only inconvenience our visitors but also risk damaging our local economy and the prosperity of our businesses.”

The consultation is open until 26 July and responses may be made via https://www.gwr.com/haveyoursay and https://www.transportfocus.org.uk/train-station-ticket-office-consultation/.

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  1. Well done for flagging this. It’s really important that as many people as possible respond to this consultation. The small Bath spa office is well staffed by helpful people. It makes a big difference to different people – those with complicated journeys, the elderly, visitors from abroad…

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