A heritage scandal

We boast about – and maintain – our fine Georgian building facades. However, not all our heritage treasures are quite as grand – and size shouldn’t matter when it comes to historical importance.

Which is why l was interested to read an email sent to me by Jacqueline Burrows regarding what she describes as a ‘heritage scandal.’

She writes:

“I attach a briefing paper I’ve just finalised setting out the several years of negligence and disregard by the Council since the installation of a poorly sited new junction at the top (south) end of Ralph Allen Drive began to cause serious traffic damage to be done to a pair of John Wood’s 18th century pillars, designed and built for Ralph Allen – so amongst the earliest of Bath’s Georgian treasures. 

Our local Councillor, Bharat Pankhania, has a copy as does Val Lyon of Combe Down Heritage Society.  I’m taking a copy along to the Bath Preservation Trust AGM tonight (Tuesday) to hand to (their CEO) Alex Sherman. “

Here’s the content in full!

Detailed and pretty damning Please let me know how you get on.

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