Pix of the day. Monday, July 10th

Artist Peter Logan was commissioned to produce his kinetic sculpture Nails by the now demolished Homebase – back in 1987 – while the gas holders and other industrial dereliction still lay in situ.

It’s positioned near the River Avon at the Green Park station edge of the site.

Now – 36 years later – only the very top piece of the sculpture stands free of all consuming bramble. The original notice –  which explains what it is and who put it there – is completely lost to view.

We don’t seem to value Art?

It was last cleared in 2020.


  1. A long Time ago we emailed Peter Logan to tell him. It’s such a shame that that whole riverside section has never been maintained. Do we know who is responsible for its maintenance? Future maintenance never gets any proper consideration – look at the planters on the London Road.

  2. I suspect that whoever you ask they will point the finger at someone else as being responsible for the maintenance. And the finger pointing will go round in a circle.

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