You’re a star!

Living in and around Bath we are pretty used to seeing the movie people using our buildings and streets for location shooting but here’s news of a way in which it could be you in front of the camera or you being part of the technical team.

Followers of may remember l interviewed American producer Jeff Vanderpol a couple of weeks ago about a new film company he was helping launch (and of which he is CEO) which was out to embrace and encourage new talent.

It’s first film is ‘One Night in Bath’ a romantic comedy that Stardom UK will be filming in various locations in the city during August and you have a chance to be involved.

Stardom Films is an entertainment company with an exciting new production model, which fully embraces and encourages new talent, giving people a real chance to get a start in the film industry, regardless of age or experience, offering a range of supporting roles both in front of, and behind the camera. 

The first film is to be made in August right here in Bath, where Producer Jonathan Willis has lived for years.

‘One Night In Bath’, is a romantic comedy (think Notting Hill meets Love Actually) which evokes heartfelt emotions while telling a romantic story via laughs (and a few tears) along the way. 

Beyond this, Stardom Films will be making movies all over the world, and is already planning a second, family-oriented movie in Bath as well. 

Sir Alfred Hitchcock said what makes a great movie is: “A great script   A great script   A great script”.  And to that point, Stardom also gives aspiring writers a real shot to have their scripts made into a movie.

Stardom Films’ CEO Jeff Vanderpol says: “We recognise there is a mass of talented people here in the UK who would love to act in exciting new films; we want to put those people on the screen and put their skills and dreams to the test.”

In the light of Stardom Films’ business model, Jeff quotes from one of his business heroes, Steve Jobs:  “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

For more information about ‘One Night In Bath’, opportunities to get involved and to register your interest visit or email support@stardom-uk. Submittal deadline is 30th June.

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