Walk this way

Our regular contributor Rob Coles has been out and about and catching up with a tour given by a member of the Mayor of Bath’s Corps of Honorary Guides. It’s a free service offered by a team of very knowledgeable volunteers who know their local history.

He writes:

We are in the midst of the programme of free special summer guided walks by the Honorary Mayors Guides.   

The walks continue through selected afternoons and evenings of June, July and August.  Specific and varied subjects are covered aimed at residents – rather than the general guided walks for visitors. (Editor: Though l am sure they’d also enjoy them)

Photo of Hon Mayors Guide telling his group, during the Bath Characters Walk, that  the Abbey Green plane could well be the world’s oldest “Architectural” tree.

For details of the walks   www.bathguides.org.uk

Rob also reacted to a picture sent in by Kevin Barrett of pot-holes on Old King Street. He says:

” I rather like the exposed stone sets. perhaps that is the answer, expose and repair the stone sets like those in Abbey Green and Prior Park Cottages.   

Some of the new roads in Mulberry Park are brick, rather like in small towns in the rural south of America. Follow the yellow brick road!”



  1. My wife’s ankle does not agree with Rob Coles’s flippant comment!!

    1. I am sure he meant no disrespect Kevin and maybe got carried away by his enthusiasm for cobbles. Hope your wife feeling better soon!

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