New Lidl store planning application submitted

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Lidl GB has confirmed that plans for a new bespoke designed food store on land beside Bath RFC’s Lambridge training ground on London Road have now been submitted. 

They says the submission follows a wide-ranging community and stakeholder and general public consultations that included drop-in sessions for local traders and the community, as well as engagement with local politicians.

A public consultation leaflet was also delivered to over 13,000 local properties with a significant number of responses. 

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Those in favour of a Lidl on this site – says a press release – reinforced the huge benefits of having a food store on the eastern side of Bath, with comments highlighting that it is “very much needed”.

Consultees stated that they are currently having to travel across Bath or out of the city completely to access a discount food store. Positive comments were also made about the need to increase shopping choice, creation of new jobs, and appreciation of the careful design and consideration of local heritage and environment shown in Lidl’s proposals. 

Lidl GB’s Regional Head of Property, Glen Stidever, commented: “This planning submission follows a detailed and sustained piece of proactive engagement with the community, local heritage and architectural stakeholders, as well as local businesses. We are grateful for the significant number of responses we have received for this site and strongly believe our planning application also carefully addresses considerations including biodiversity, heritage, highways and local businesses.”

Danny Sacco, President of Bath RFC said: “This development provides a once in a generation chance to secure the long-term future of the amateur club at Lambridge, our historical home. It will enable us to make much needed upgrades to our facilities and ensure that we continue to invest in the next generation of junior, girls and ladies rugby players in the city. The relationships between the amateur and professional clubs has never been stronger.”

Lidl GB say that – If approved – the multi-million-pound investment would deliver increased shopping choice for local residents, on the eastern side of Bath, and create up to 40 new jobs for the local community. 

The supermarket, which was jointly named Which? Greenest Supermarket last year, has included enhanced sustainability credentials in the plans, with the store expected to secure a biodiversity net gain in excess of 40%

The supermarket’s plans, however, are not welcomed by everyone and there was a recent demonstration against the scheme – with protestors blocking the London Road into the city for a few minutes as they crossed to demonstrate outside the entrance to the proposed site.

They have also generated a crowdfunder page and need to raise £6,000 to hire legal and expert advice to help keep this site – they say – as a haven for beavers, birds, bats, pollinating insects and prevent more traffic. So far they have raised half that amount.


  1. You can understand the attraction of a lucrative development to a charity. But did it have to be a supermarket? Why not residential housing or perhaps start-up space, for example? I suppose we should be grateful the rugby club’s not gone for student housing, though.

  2. Would love to see the negative comments too – bet they really had to fish to find anything positive.

    Also I hear they are submitting early, ignoring the councils request for all assessments to be made first and they’re sure to be rejected. I’m sure they’ll use this to weaponise everyone against the council (and two green councillors elected locally on the platform of stopping Lidl) standing their ground

    It’s such a crap site for a supermarket they should just give it up. Maybe build houses at the front and give the back up for wildlife and family activities!

    They can put a blob in ensleigh or past batheaston instead if there’s actually demand

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