The art of nature

I am currently reading a book by Ben Wilson called ‘Urban Jungle, Wilding the City’. He explains how nature has always been at the heart of our urban landscapes and how trees could be our best line of defence against the power of the climate-changing driven elements.

Well, l know somewhere in Bath where art and nature will come together over the next month to shine a light on the importance of forests worldwide and what they mean to us here – especially in response to the climate emergency.

Forest of Imagination is a free-to-enter contemporary arts and design event created by Grant Associates, House of Imagination and local creative industries that reimagines a familiar space to inspire everyone’s creativity and heighten a sense of nature in an urban environment.

This year the National Trust has invited the event to take over the chandelier-lit spaces of the Bath Assembly Rooms from June 14th through to July the 14th.

There will be plenty to see and do – talks and even cooking classes – with a packed programme for school children as well.

I was lucky enough to see last minute preparations underway today and was asked to not give the whole visual game away. So it’s a case of whetting your appetite!

I asked the event’s co-founder – Andrew Grant – who is an internationally-acclaimed and Bath-based architect – to explain how Forest of Imagination came into being…

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