Pix of the day. Tuesday, June 13th

It’s always nice to hand over this feature to one of my followers from time to time and today l have to thank Kevin Barrett for the following.

“Just thought I would attach a few photos of pot holes along Old King Street for your delectation. 

My wife (born and bred Bathonian) twisted her ankle on one of these pot holes; she reported it on Fix My Street to the Council. 

The Council have since come back and stated that No Action Required which is simply ludicrous. She has also posted it on Nextdoor which is now generating a lot of comments!”

The state of the city roads (and elsewhere) is one of my three priorities, l have already said, l think the new administration at B&NES should be dealing with. The other two are gulls and the homeless. I am chasing for an interview on potholes!


  1. Shame the cobbles weren’t restored rather than covering them in tarmac

  2. Good luck with the interviews. I suspect the Council will now be hard to get hold of what with the election behind them and a tide of problems – traffic, infrastructure, more grant cuts to name just three – coming their way.

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