I still need convincing on new Lidl store says Bath MP

Bath’s MP Wera Hobhouse has decided to comment on the proposed new Lidl store the company wants to build on the city’s London Road.

Here’s her statement in full:

“I welcome the public consultation that is currently being undertaken with local residents on the proposed development on London Road. It will give the opportunity to residents to express their views towards the plans. 

“I strongly encourage people to learn more about the proposal and to have their say on the potential development of this area.

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“I have recently been consulted on the proposed plans. I appreciate that Lidl is trying its best to integrate a potential supermarket development into a very special site.

“I must stress that the decision for planning approval lies with the B&NES Council planning committee. However, my concerns as the MP for Bath are that the proposal is focussed in an area of special biological diversity and it lies at the gateway into our unique World Heritage City which has two UNESCO accolades. The surrounding area is one of low density housing and green spaces and there are no other commercial outlets in the direct vicinity.

Site of proposed store

“We must ensure that our city’s extraordinary heritage and our local nature sites are protected, as well as the special character of the surrounding area. I still need convincing that these key priorities wouldn’t be severely compromised if the development went ahead.

“I recognise that the ongoing cost of living crisis most impacts those who have the lowest income. Shopping at a discount food retailer enables people to make real savings in their household budgets. I am open to working with Lidl, or any other retailer, to ensure that an adequate supply of affordably priced food is an option for all.”

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  1. There’s a Morrisons 5 /10 mins walk away. ! Lidl on the other side of town. We don’t need another Lidl. If anything is gonna be there how about a community garden / orchard. ??

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