City road closures

Don’t forget we have city road closures coming up for the installation of more security bollards.

York Street

Having completed the installation of security bollards at the Bog Island end of York Street, residents, businesses and Blue Badge holders are being advised about the full closure of Cheap Street – and part of Hot Bath Street – as part of the next phase of the Bath city-centre security improvement works.

The closures will start on May 29th with the works expected to be complete by the end of the year.

Blue Badge holders and other exempt vehicles will still be able to access and park in Westgate Street and Upper Borough Walls but will need to enter via Westgate Buildings and exit via Upper Borough Walls.

When the works start the diversions will be clearly signposted, and marshals will be available to do their usual security checks between 10am and 6pm and help people at Westgate Buildings.

Deliveries will still be possible for both streets before 10am and after 6pm via Westgate Buildings and Lower Borough Walls, traffic marshals will be available to assist vehicles.

Pedestrian access will be maintained for people who are walking or wheeling and the works in footways will be subject to pedestrian controls (like temporary walkways) to facilitate works and to keep people safe. The construction works will not prevent traders, or their customers, from accessing their premises.

Due to the unique nature of the city and highway construction, there are a number of challenges within the programme. These include working above existing vaults and cellars, working in close proximity to utility apparatus and maintaining access to the restricted streets for exempt vehicles.

The council has carried out investigative works but until contractors get on site the construction timeline is estimated and completion dates can’t be guaranteed.  Any residents or businesses wishing to receive regular e:newsletters on the scheme can visit our project webpage    

Further details can be found 

In February 2020 Avon & Somerset Police Chief Constable asked the council to consider an ATTRO covering the wider city centre of Bath which would be used in the event of a heightened threat, specific intelligence, as a result of an incident or if there are events taking place that create crowded places.

Following consultation with Counter Terrorism security advisors and the council, which centred around the crowded places indicated within the National Counter Terrorism Security Office report, it was considered proportionate to introduce permanent restrictions covering a smaller area in the city centre resulting in the current measures, which the Chief Constable supported.

The council has continued to work alongside the Counter Terrorism advisors to protect these areas, through both physical measures and training for front line staff, both from public and private sector.

Vehicles are now restricted between 10am and 10pm in York Street following the first phase of improvement works.

Further information on the access restrictions can be found

Link below to map showing temporary diversion.

11May23.v2 – BB Loading Permit parking_CheapSt Diversion.pdf

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  1. Good that work has finished at the end of York Street Richard – but when oh, when are they going to clear up the ‘junk’ in from of the Abbey Hotel? I deal with Dutch and other continental coaches which stop there to unload safely on to the pavement. Now they have to stop on the other side of the road and step out into the traffic. Having that area blocked off also means there is not enough space for all the coaches and buses to get through, resulting in chaos. Why wasn’t this work completed before the main tourist season?

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