Please go away!

Some good news today in that we have heard the latest application to build on our little green corridor beside Deadmill Lane in Larkhall has been recommended for refusal by B&NES planners.

The developers keep on trying and we just hope they will give up and go away!!

Thanks to all those who put in such hard work to produce posters and to all those who objected.

If only B&NES could get that patch of land. They own the strip behind.

It is an access to the surrounding countryside and should be a community green space.

See  23/00893/FUL


  1. Halleluja……..I have just had notification from BANES that this application has been refused.
    Let’s hope this is the last we see of these developers.

    Well done Richard for bringing this to my attention, and others like me who value these green spaces.

  2. Hi Richard

    Why not launch a crowdfunding exercise via the Bath Newseum to raise funds to buy this strip of land for the community to use and enjoy, the scheme might also be eligible for lottery funding … ?

    Kind regards

    Sheelagh Leigh-Ewers

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