Pix of the day. Saturday, May 6th

Bless the Parks Department who, once again, have reseeded the patch of grass in the centre of Orange Grove – worn away by many feet.

I really think they should consider paving as people walk along this strip – using it as a path – as there is no pavement on this side of the road. It could be added and the road narrowed slightly.

While we are in this area, l have noticed damage to the obelisk erected in the centre of the lawn (as a plaque upon it states) “In memory of the happy restoration of the health of the Prince of Orange, through the favour of God and to the great joy of Britain by drinking the Bath waters, 1734.  Richard Nash, Master of Ceremonies.”

I have already said that l hope – when new B&NES cabinet members are announced – that there is a cabinet member responsible for Heritage. Someone who champions the city’s heritage and helps both promote and preserve it!