Pic of the day. Friday, March 3rd

Our ‘man with a camera’ Rob Coles likes steam engines and – l suppose – anything involving engineering. A recent story on the canal’s Claverton Pumping Station stirred a memory.

‘Following your article about Claverton Pump, I looked out my photos of Claverton. 

I found a photo of Flying Scotsman on the Orient Express passing the pump house some years back, I thought you might like it as the loco celebrated its 100th birthday on 24th February.

Claverton Pump is twice as old as the loco and is in a more original condition.

I like Claverton pump and find it fascinating that it uses the power of the river to pump river water to the canal which returns it to the river at the bottom of Bath lock flight, minus a bit for leaks!’

Thanks Rob for a glorious picture.