Pix of the day. Thursday, March 2nd

Funny looking bikes!?

We still haven’t sorted out bike racks around the High Street end of the Guildhall.

We used to have two racks in front of the building.

It’s obvious they don’t want to reinstate them, as it interferes with the Remembrance Day parade – when they have to be removed and then put back – so l was hoping we’d have more put within the new paving they have been installing on the Abbey end of the building.

They have put in two! Not good enough!

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  1. Richard,

    You article wrongly states that 2 bike racks have been installed to the south of the Guildhall on the new paving. These racks have been there for many years and are generally where I park my bike when in town.

    I spoke to the workers doing the new paving last week and they said they were unaware of any plans to add additional bike racks in the area of the new paving.

    Come the summer I will be back to circling around central Bath on my bike looking for free space to lock my bike. I suspect despite the Net Zero policy there has been a net reduction in bike parking in the last 5 years.

    There is a more serious problem around the Assembly Rooms, too few bike racks but lots of signs the council has invested in to tell cyclists not to lock their bikes to the railings. Cyclists instead now lock their bikes to the railings outside Cafe Lucca where there are no signs. I was told something was being done about this but when I passed on my bike last week there appeared to be no new racks.

    Its frustrating because if the council want to encourage cycling there should be excess racking capacity for bikes in the summer. It is a low cost investment and a very small cost compared with the hundreds of millions being given to WECA for transport.

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