Tick, tock

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Bath Newseum regular Peter Fellows tells me:

“Stuart Burroughs Director of the Museum of Bath At Work and co organiser of The Bath Young Inventor of the Year Award, gave a boost to the competition on Saturday by providing an insightful description of a Bath family of inventors, The Horstmanns. 

They  were clock, watch and instrument makers and made some of the most unusual timepieces in the world. Those attending also examined the Hortsmann motor car of 1914. The earliest known example in the world fitted with a kick-starting mechanism and other unusual features. 

Potential Young Inventors also had the chance to pick up a BYIA competition entry pack, have a go at exemplar inventions, talk to museum volunteers about how to go about creating an invention and how to enter the Bath Young Inventor of the Year Award. 

There was  a chance to hold  to hold  the trophy and to guess what use a tiny invention brought in by interested member of the public could be put to.  

The competition runs until the end of June 2023 and details can be picked up from Museum of Bath at Work Julian Road or 44AD 4 Abbey Street or by going to 44ad.net

Stuart will be giving another talk about another Bath invention, Plasticine and its inventor  William Harbutt on Saturday March 25th at 11am. The talk is free for all participating families.”

Thanks Peter.