Pix of the day. Thursday, February 16th

Forgive me for being absent for a few days but we’re having a short break in Lisbon where tourism seems to be equally important.

Like Bath, they have big open top tour buses but also electric auto rickshaws and other mini vehicles for those who can’t handle undulating Portuguese pavements and city hills.

Came across this towering structure which appears to be the Lisboa answer to the Eiffel Tower of Paris but tucked away and nowhere as elegant. Will no doubt find out today what it is.

Here’s the update, and the comparison with that iconic tower in France is quite apt. Seems this lanky, wrought-iron, Neo-Gothic elevator is the handiwork of Raul Messier who was Gustave Eiffel’s apprentice.

It’s Libon’s only vertical street lift – built in 1902 and steam driven until 1907 – and is a bit pricey although commanding sweeping views over the city’s skyline.

We’ll try to save some Euros for the Elevator de Santa Justa.