Looking back

A group of long term out-patients with chronic diseases have begun an adventure into the two thousand years of romance, mystery and ‘well being’ that oozes from the walls and waters of the Roman Baths.

Course Tutor Sue Walker of Bath College and David Baker of The Roman Baths have teamed up to explain the how the Romans supported their health and wellbeing here in Bath nearly 2000yrs ago and practical solutions for the patients of today.

Coordinated by Lindsey Braidley of The Roman Baths Education  Department the group have begun to explore modern ideas and knowledges, as well as historical facts, archaeological features and two millennia of treatments.

“There are still places for anyone interested” says Sue. “It’s a fun mixture of experiential, creative, reflective tools and activities in the  wonderful surroundings of the recently restored World Heritage Archaeological site Centre and the Clore Learning Centre.”

Members of the course had the chance to pass round 1700 years of history in the form of a Roman Oil Lamp and  explore, in the depths below York Street, the ghosts of Romans working out in the gym and visit parts of the site  not normally accessible to members of the public to marvel at the amazing facilities and curative activities of Roman times. 

“It was amazing to find similarities with how the Romans supported their health and wellbeing here in Bath over and how, nearly two millennia later, we can apply their ideas to what we have been learning as patients,” commented Paul one of the course members.

There is still time to join. The course meets on Tuesday 2:30pm to 5:30pm and there is still time to join. It is free for adults (19yrs+) who are not working or are on a low wage.For more information or if you have any questons, please contact:

Adult Community Learning, Bath College


tel: 01225 328 822