Our rack’s back?

With great joy this morning l witnessed the proposed installation of some replacement cycle hoops at the High Street end of Cheap Street.

I say proposed as the contractors – having found splits in the power cable they were intending to use – were sensibly waiting to see if they could be sent a replacement before getting on with the job.

This site is well used by cyclists who were not happy when B&NES decided not to replace the hoops they had removed for the Remembrance Day Parade.

They were trying out a new type of hoop before reinstating a rank? I must admit l rolled my eyes at that idea as they were ‘trying out’ hoops that have already been used elsewhere in the country.

I will check tomorrow to see if they are in place. Let’s hope so.

PS. The hoops look the same as the ones that used to be there! Maybe it’s just the fixing that is changing?

Library shot.