Don’t risk our World Heritage status says BPT.

The image above is NOT a real photograph but it is a visual guide to how this view across Bath from Lower Weston would be affected by proposed plans to build on the old gasworks site.

Library shot showing old Destructor Bridge and remains of gas storage tower.

An application for planning approval to decontaminate the site and then facilitate a residential-led redevelopment will be considered by B&NES next month.

Another visual showing how the view from Lower Weston would be affected.

What concerns many people – including Bath Preservation Trust who prepared visuals to show councillors – is that some of the buildings will reach eight stories in height and could risk Bath losing its World Heritage status given by UNESCO back in 1987.

As their Chief Executive Officer, Alex Sherman explained to me, they are urging B&NES to ‘reject the current proposals and to insist upon a fully compliant development which does not harm the architectural or town-planning coherence of Bath’.