Ring out those bells

A couple of months ago l did a Zoom interview with Ian Anderson about the forthcoming concert Jethro Tull were going to perform at Bath Abbey.

He’s a great believer in using his musical talents in supporting our fine old cathedrals and abbeys – even if not a regular churchgoer himself.

That interview – on YouTube – has clocked up three and a half thousands ‘hits’ and l am hoping some of those who crammed into our parish church last night were inspired to buy a ticket through watching that chat!

OK – so it was ‘people of a certain age’ in the majority yesterday evening – but many will have followed Jethro Tull all the way from the band’s beginnings in the late 1960’s.

Not all the musicians on stage go back that far but together they gave us a tight, powerful and authentic JT sound – one with a Christmas theme too.

One of Ian’s guests was Mr Synth Pop himself Marc Almond of Soft Cell and individual fame.

Must say the music held sway over the quality of voices but hey l can’t hit the top notes for Hark the Herald Angels Sing either!

Our view wasn’t the greatest. We shared it with the pulpit, and l think another monitor screen may have benefited our corner.

Also – while he was genuine in his warm-up humour and also in his clerical collar – the top-hatted, brass-knob-topped cane-welding MC (who also reminded me of the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) – though full of enthusiasm – was continually walking around the audience and often stopping to block our limited view.

Only real niggles of a great evening. Well done Abbey choir and organist too for your magnificent contributions. I saw the Rector and said can we have more of this sort of musical event please.

I musn’t forget to tell you that Ian Anderson announced that all ticket money would go to the Abbey. He was personally handling expenses for band and guests.