What a day!

Well it was the weather and not industrial action playing havoc with the trains yesterday. I had the strange first-time experience of seeing London trains coming into Bath Spa on the ‘up line’ rather than the down.

Frozen points somewhere along the track – between Bath and Chippenham – meant platforms 1 and 2 were constantly swopping trains going in the ‘wrong’ direction!

Coming back from Bristol was just as bad. Some people were arriving on a London train – that wouldn’t let them off at Bath – having to get back on the same train which waited an hour at Temple Meads before going back up the line with every aisle in every carriage full of weary people having to stand.

I lived and worked in Bristol for many many years but don’t often return these days. Some aspects of that edgy and bustling city l miss – others l don’t!

Not impressed by the food at Bristol Old Vic and also by the number of members of staff seemingly standing around chatting. It’s strange they brought our toasted sandwiches and told us our coffee was ready at the collection point!! Why not just put the coffees on the same tray as the food?????

Outside the beautiful cobbled and historic street l had spent so much time in over the years looked more like a livestock market full of sheep pens.

Was glad to get back home.