Where are our hoops?

Today’s bad weather hasn’t stopped the construction of the ‘sheds’ for this year’s Christmas Market – or the installation of more ‘security’ concrete blocks outside the north side of Bath Abbey – but B&NES doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to put back the cycle hoops that were removed for the Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Not good enough for a cycle-loving council. Apparently, a question was asked about cycle hoops at the recent B&NES cabinet meeting.

Kathy Beadle had observed that “the bike racks usually in place outside the Guildhall, Bath have not been in their usual location for many months. Please can you explain what measures are being put in place to support residents to park bicycles securely in front of the Guildhall, particularly as many people use this means of transport to reduce congestion, pollution and emissions, in line with the Council’s Corporate Strategy?”

Cllr Sarah Warren – cabinet member for sustainable travel – replied: “One Sheffield stand was removed because it was hit by a vehicle and 2 more were removed because the fixings had loosened making them unsafe.  There has been a problem finding the best fitting for regular removal. They are bolted down, but the bolts work loose. Highways will look at finding a solution and get them reinstalled after Remembrance Day.

PS. I stopped and moved leaves from that drain beside the bus stop ‘hump’ on the new Beckford Road cycle path. It’s going to be a drainage issue until the last of the leaves fall.