A splash hit

Why does it always happen to me!!

There l am, by the River Avon, to witness an historic event and sound problems butt in to ruin a good interview.

Harry’s in his bathers ready to jump in!

I joined lots of other press – including the BBC’s One Show who were filming with McBusted star Harry Judd – for the first official swim in the newly-restored and historic Cleveland Pools.

Though l got the pictures, you cannot hear the squeals of delight as these ‘lucky’ cold water swimmers hit the water this afternoon. I did hear the water was 18 degrees C .

Luckily l was able to grab an interview with Ann Dunlop – one of the founder members of the organisation that set out to save the open-air lido – the UK’s oldest public outdoor swimming pool – back in 2004.

Built in 1815 the site first opened as a river-fed pool, followed by a colourful history throughout the Victorian era to its heyday in the 1970’s. The newly opened indoor leisure centre saw the pools close to swimming in 1984

The campaign to save and reopen the facility – with the help of a Heritage Lottery Fund donation and money from elsewhere – has reached a happy conclusion.

I am going back later to find out more about more swimming dates and whether admission prices have been worked out yet. Hopefully with sound!!

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  1. Hope all went well?! As a 50 year old, I had found memories in the early 80’s swimming there before it closed . THIS is the sort of news I want to read about, NOT XR hypocrites!

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