Putting Weston on the map!

(The Mayor of Bath Councillor Rob Appleyard at the official unveiling of the new historical map of Weston Village, with The Mayoress Amanda Appleyard, Future Weston Chair Sir Peter Heywood, artist Finola Stack, Rev Tom Yacomeni, Councillor Shelley Bromley and Councillor Ruth Malloy.)

A new historical map of Weston Village has been unveiled by the Mayor of Bath Councillor Rob Appleyard and it’s one you’ll find useful in more ways than one!  

Fixed to the wall of the Parish Hall, the illustrated map shows the whole Weston area, complete with information on local history and on important local buildings.  The historical map was produced by talented local artist Finola Stack, together with local historians Mike McCarthy and Michael Rockey, who are all part of the Future Weston community association.

However, tea towels of the main image of the map are also available for sale at Western Coffee Lounge, which is next to the pedestrian crossing in Weston Village.

At the unveiling, the Mayor of Bath said “I am delighted to see the local energy and enthusiasm that has gone into creating this historical map of Weston Village.  It provides lots of very interesting information for local people and for visitors to the area.  My congratulations to all involved”.

Said Peter Heywood, Chair of Future Weston “I am so pleased that the map is now located in the middle of the village, where everyone can see it, including walkers on the Cotswold Way”.

The map was largely funded by the Local Councillors Fund, and also by the Weston branch of Tesco.  Weston Councillors Shelley Bromley and Ruth Malloy commented “We are so pleased to be able to help build more awareness of the strong heritage of Weston Village through our support of this important project”.