Painting the scene

Julie Goodall drew my attention to a report in The Times this week that mentions the fact that Bath-based artist Pete ‘the street’ Brown had set up his easel near Buckingham Palace.

He was there to capture on canvas his impressions of the slow-moving queue of people paying their respects outside Buckingham Palace – and later waiting for the Queen’s coffin to leave on its way to Westminster Hall..

Obviously, the queues have now moved to Westminster Hall where the Queen’s coffin lies in state.

peter brown
Peter Brown at work under the Stall Street end colonnade of Abbey Church Yard.

The Times quotes him as saying:

“No double rainbows or drama this time – just lots of bedraggled souls waiting in
the drizzle for a coffin. “A lot more black. A lot less dogs. As the days go by, its
weight as a historical event becomes apparent,” he said.

It’s likely that Pete’s London paintings may be amongst his forthcoming exhibition at Bath’s Victoria Art Gallery.

‘Peter Brown: Bath, Bristol and Beyond’ will run from October 22nd through to January 15th.