It’s my way

Can we just clear something up folks. All my professional and waged life l have sat on the fence as a journalist and always tried to balance my reporting or presentation.

Now my daily work output is completed more for love than money can l just repeat something l have said before? The Bath Newseum is my blog and not a newspaper. In it, l will voice my own personal opinions and actually find it refreshing that l can do just that. I accept that not everyone will agree with what l say and believe or support – socially, morally or politically.

However, this is not only a political platform either as those who have faithfully followed me will know. I cover all sorts of things but share – with many others – a love for my adopted home city and a passion for its continued economic, artistic and social success.

It is possible to unsubscribe, whenever you want to, as l will not change who l am nor what l say or feel.

Others are welcome to contribute stories of interest but l will not turn the blog into a soap box of opposing political views. That’s for Twitter to embrace.


  1. I find your views really refreshing and great for keeping informed on my adopted city also. . Long may Newseum continue !

  2. Yes indeed! Hooray for independent voices! Your posts are very much appreciated and I always look forward to your clear thinking and accurate reporting. A less common quality these days- stay true to yourself and those who appreciate your hard work! Very best wishes Helen


  3. I wouldn’t want you to change Richard. But your blog does invite ‘Comment’.
    You have the facility to moderate/ignore/remove any responses you don’t wish to appear on your blog. But your last post does seem as if there’s a ‘telling off’ involved.
    It must have been a pretty malevolent comment to provoke such a response from you.

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