Quick repair needed at Bath Spa

Off to Bristol this morning to catch up with an old work colleague and plenty of excitement ahead as l reached Bath Spa station where scaffolding was being erected as fast as it could be unloaded.

At first, l was hearing that the station clock – set in its Flemish-styled gable – was becoming unstable but – on my return – was told it was the finial on top that had developed a lean inwards towards the station roof.

The Jacobean-styled facade fronts a station dating from 1840 but the clock was added in 1931.

The official line on the work that is needed came from the press office at GWR who manage the station.

A spokesperson told me: “I understand some remedial work needs to be conducted to a piece of masonry at the station, and scaffolding erected to do so.’

Be prepared for a few changes of direction in and out of the building while the work is carried out.