Pic of the day. Wednesday, August 10th

What’s going on here eh? Well, maybe you didn’t see my original image showing how – somehow – a portaloo had ended up in the River Avon down at the new Quays development by Churchill Bridge?

Image was taken on July 23rd

My thanks to Paul Sadler for sending me some pictures to show they have finally got around to retrieving it!

He writes:

“Exciting morning at work today, I’ve just witnessed the local Canal and River Trust team remove the portaloo from the river below the Newark Works development! 

My only concern is where will the fish go to the toilet now it’s been removed! 

I’ve attached some photos taken whilst sitting at my desk. Please feel free to share. 

I’m a long-time fan and follower of your blog, please keep up the great work.”

Images taken by Paul Sadler

Thanks, Paul, and well done to those people at the Canal and River Trust.