Pic of the day. Tuesday, July 5th

Terry Basson is pleased with how his sweet pea seeds turned out, and l think they look rather nice too. Shame we can’t smell them.

Terry sent an email to the company whose seeds he bought many months ago. It was as follows:

“Today, I have just fed my Sweet Peas for perhaps the last time – will pick tomorrow for our show bench .

I have so enjoyed growing your mixture, sown last November – I enjoyed watching them emerge right through Christmas and the New Year.

I would have been bored without them. Now, today, a day before I exhibit,  I marvel at their glory and fragrance.

Thank you comes easy to say – so I say mucha thank you.”

I wonder if they won a prize?

Terry came back to me this lunchtime:

“I am pleased to report my Sweet Peas made a goodly impact . 

On last Sunday July 3rd, ‘The City of Bath Petanque Club’ held Its annual Sweet Pea competition.

Our national Flower Judge, Richard , sent us all out to play a Boules Melee whilst he judged sixteen vases of members garden grown Spencer type Sweet Peas.

This event dates back to 2014 when Jim and Terry decided to compete just between themselves – who could get first into flower. The winner hosted an English cream tea in their own homes!

As you see, over the years the fun gathered a number of other members interests, so the competition moved into our Larkhall Clubhouse.”