Star attraction

Photos courtesy of Rob Coles. The picture above was taken with the parent’s permission.

Who said Bath Newseum regular Rob Coles only supplies pictures of steam-driven trains?!

In his latest posting, he tells me:

“The annual Butterfly Day was held in the orchard of Iford Manor, in partnership with Butterfly Conservation, on Sunday, 3rd July. 

A star attraction at this free event was a display of moths that were collected in the preceding dark hours.  It is amazing how we are oblivious of the many species that are all around us in the dark of which we are mostly unaware. 

The UK’s largest resident Hawk-Moth, a Privet Hawk-moth was happy to sit patiently on the finger of Hugo Brook of the Wiltshire branch of Butterfly Conservation for its photograph to be taken.  Apparently the warmth of a finger suites moths very well! 

Butterfly Conversation is dedicated to saving butterflies, moths and our environment.”

Thanks Rob. I’ve always called them ‘Flutter Byes!’