Is it the last post for the museum? Plus – bridges, buses & battles to come.

The fate of Bath’s Postal Museum is just one of the subjects under discussion in a far-ranging interview with the leader of B&NES Council, Cllr Kevin Guy.

It’s in the basement of the former Post Office which is now destined to be the new home of the city’s Fashion Museum.

Some people have even questioned whether there is even room in the building for the world-famous clothing collection.

I asked Cllr Guy if the building was a bit like Dr Who’s tardis and bigger inside than it looks.

Our chat also covered everything from Cleveland Bridge to city-centre security & CAZ.

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  1. Dear Richard

    Thank you for enquiring about Bath Postal Museum’s future and for passing on Cllr. Guy’s reassuring words. It does of course bring to mind that we do compliments the Fashion Museum. In other words they will be displaying glorious fashions of maany periods. These illustrate what people of the period wore and the BPM illustrates how those same people lived. How they wrote with Quill pens. How the speed of their letters across this country was vastly improved. How they managed to decipher received cross-written letters. How the postal service was operating before the introduction of stamps. Our earliest postal letter received in Bath is dated 1686. How after 1784/5 when Royalmail coaches were introduced they were able to travel in faster, cleaner and safer coaches than the old rumbling stagecoaches (if they could afford them). So it goes on.

    I wonder if this has occurred to others. I know Stephen Bird would have been well aware of this.

    With kind regards


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